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What is AROWORA?

AROWORA is a website that offers trade by barter, auction and charity services. Money is a scarce resource, but there’s something someone has in goods, service or talent that they can exchange for other goods and services even though they do not have money. AROWORA seeks to connect you with other traders to make that exchange happen. You can also consider auctioning your products either for cash or for charity.

How does the Trade by Barter work on AROWORA?

It’s easy! See the steps below

  1. Register on the site
  2. Upload your goods and specify other goods you will like to exchange your goods with ( A maximum of five goods can be selected for a product)
  3. You will be matched once AROWORA finds other users with common interests. A mail will be sent to notify you.
  4. Ensure you have enough credit points by buying some trade credits
  5. Offer a deal once you like the goods you’ve been matched with and wait for the other user to accept the deal.
  6. Once accepted, credit points will be deducted from your trade credits
  7. The contact details of the other trader will be visible for you to message and call
  8. Arrange to meet and exchange the goods in a trusted place.


How does the Auction work on AROWORA?

As a Seller

  1. Register on the site
  2. Upload the goods you will like to put up for auction.
  3. Set a base price (Consider the commission to AROWORA when setting a base price. AROWORA charges a commission on the final bid price)
  4. Specify the number of days before the bids expires
  5. Wait for a successful bidder
  6. You will be notified to contact the successful bidder when the bid expires and payment made by the bidder
  7. Deliver the goods to the successful bidder.
  8. AROWORA sends you the funds less the commission after confirmation of receipt by the successful bidder.
  9. Failure to deliver the goods might result in your account being suspended

As a Bidder

  1. Sign up to AROWORA
  2. Go to the auction link on the landing page or your dashboard
  3. View the products and select what you will like to bid
  4. Place a bid
  1. Wait for the expiration (you will see the timer when you do a quick view)
  2. Once you’re a successful, ensure your trade credits are enough for the product.
  3. Your credits will be deducted and then will be able to contact the seller.
  4. Once the product is delivered, the funds will be sent to the seller else it will be returned to you.


How does the Free Offer work on AROWORA?

  1. The persons offering the goods for free (giver) upload their item on AROWORA
  2. A user who needs the item then accesses it through the free offer link on the landing page or by clicking on “contact giver” under the free offer link on the user’s dashboard.
  3. The user can view the item and click on the “grab now” button to claim the item.
  4. The taker then contacts the giver and arranges to meet in a safe place to receive the goods
  5. A contribution may be required from the taker to show commitment from time to time.

Do you do deliveries?

We currently do not carry out deliveries,

How much is the service charge?

Trade by barter - NGN100

Auction- 5% commission sunject to a minimum of NGN500

Free Offer- NGN200 (taker only)


How do I find my verification mail?

It should be in the inbox of your registered email. You can also check your junk or spam folder.

How do I buy Trade Credits?

 it is easy! Just click on the trade credit icon which will display "Zero" as default then input the amount of credit you want to purchase (N1=1 trade credit).

You will be directed to the secure Paystack payment gateway where you can put in your card details and your trade credits will be updated with the credits purchased.

Any other question ?

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